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Haunter of Dreams - Character Revamp

What happened to the Sonic Movie reminded me on my decision to make drastic changes to the main character of Haunter of Dreams after it was completed, and feel glad I made it. I can relate to the *insane* amount of work though. The lengths one goes to make something better.
It was my personal decision to make these changes, of course. But it's good to show how passionate artists can be & what it takes to bring big projects to a completion. I hugely respect the artists who made the changes to Sonic and for cranking up all the extra time. And I still don't know myself how I made it through mine. :) And I know that some might find the first version better. But my decision to revamp the character plays a big factor in the way how the story flows. It was more important to me than anything else. :)

Reminder also that my store is open and HoD copies are available: